AITEC has compiled a list of frequently asked questions. If you have a question that is not addressed below, please email

What does the Annual Fee cover?

AlTEC is a limited liability company and fees cover operational costs such as insurance, website, professional fees, employees and other administrative costs.

Does the Annual Fee cover the cost to attend dinners and events?

No. The cost to attend a dinner or event is per-event and typically ranges between $150-$250 per person. This is the cost for the venue, meal, equipment rental, guest speakers, etc. as required.

Can a vendor be an AITEC Member?

Today, AlTEC is an exclusive community of peers in asset management firms sharing knowledge in solutions and best practices. In the future, AITEC may create a separate membership package exclusive to vendors to exchange information amongst their respective peers.

Is my membership terminated if I leave my company?  

Depends.  If you are hired by another asset manager or are actively searching for a job in asset management, your membership will continue to be active.  If you move to another industry or are hired by a vendor, your membership will be terminated immediately.

Does AITEC host vendor proprietary data?

No. AlTEC does not host vendor proprietary data. AITEC may license the DDQ to an external hosted solution.

Do vendors have access to Member Lists?

No. AlTEC does not disclose Member specific information externally.

Does AITEC endorse solutions, vendors or market practices in general?

No. AITEC does not endorse solutions, vendors or market practices. AITEC does not score, rate, pass or recommend any specific solution or vendor.

AITEC has a vendor discount program whereby vendors are discounting fees to AITEC members. This is available to all market vendors and vendor participation is not subject to AITEC approval. Qualitative due diligence on a vendor is the exclusive responsibility of the Member.