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"Joining AITEC was one of the most impactful decisions in my career. Being around the best and the brightest helped propel my career to new heights and gave me added confidence that the decisions we were making were the best for our business. A truly exceptional group!"
— Evan Fire, Managing Principal & COO, Pzena Investment Management
"I joined PJT Partners from a large financial firm and within a month I became part of the AITEC Community. At the bulge bracket firms, you have access to vast resources to provide information and expertise. I was happy to find that AITEC does a terrific job of helping to replicate that experience by acting like an extended technology team. For the problem you are trying to solve, someone in the AITEC community has typically used or done it before and is happy to provide their experience and advice."
— Chris Kovel, CTO, PJT Partners
"With a small technology department, IT can be overwhelmed with researching the best solutions for the company. By leveraging the advice, intelligence, and experience of the members in AITEC, our technology team has been able to identify and purchase the best solutions much faster and more accurately."
— Hedge Fund CTO and AITEC Member
"They say it can be lonely at the top, but having AITEC ensures that I don’t have to make IT decisions alone."
— AITEC Member
"Thanks for so much information over the years – it has saved me so many times!"
— AITEC Member
"AITEC serves as an expert network for technology executives in the financial services space. AITEC members are second to none in assisting one another and driving innovation in the market."
— Chris Grandi, Chief Executive Officer, Abacus Group LLC
"Possessing an incredibly deep pool of knowledge for alternatives, AITEC has successfully emerged as the leading group that fosters constructive idea exchange within a competitive industry."
— Gurvinder Singh, CEO of Indus Valley Partners