The AITEC-AIMA Due Diligence Questionnaire (DDQ)

 AITEC created the Due Diligence Questionnaire (DDQ) in 2014 to streamline the process of conducting due diligence on vendors servicing the investment community. The DDQ represents a superset of critical questions compiled by a committee of AlTEC and AIMA members who are experienced in technology and operations. The AITEC-AIMA DDQ allows the industry to approach vendors as a single voice which provides efficiencies in communication and ultimately increases the market’s understanding of technology infrastructure.

AITEC partnered with the Alternative Investment Management Association (AIMA) in 2016 to rebrand the AITEC-AIMA DDQ and to promote awareness and adoption of the service. Today, over 200 global vendors offer the DDQ to AITEC and AIMA members. 

The DDQ has been recognized in the market for its content and efficiency. It has been widely adopted by over 250 alternative asset management firms and 200 global vendors of various services and sizes. The content was created and continues to be updated by experts in technology, operations, and due diligence from a wide array of alternative asset management firms.  A standard protocol in vendor due diligence improves efficiencies in security, operations, and communication between vendors and clients.

AITEC members have exclusive access to the AITEC-AIMA DDQ template.

Members either download the template and send it to their respective vendors to complete offline or via one of the following third party software solutions that hosts the DDQ. 

DDQ Third Party Providers
ALPHAPIPE DiligenceVault




The AITEC-AIMA DDQ is one template which is suitable for all vendors. It is not tailored for services as vendors are engaged differently by their clients.  
Has your vendor firm recently completed or updated the DDQ? Has your contact person or company's info changed? Email to get your listing updated! 

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AITEC does not endorse solutions, vendors, or market practices. AITEC does not score, rate, pass, or recommend any specific solution or vendor. The opinion of individual members does not reflect the broad opinion of the AITEC group. Qualitative due diligence on a vendor is the exclusive responsibility of the member.

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